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Writing Book Reviews: Cheryl St.John

It can be intimidating to write a review, and the process doesn't come naturally to everyone. Readers even say it's irritating when the seller immediately sends an email asking for a review, and they haven't had time to finish the book yet.

Don't be rushed

Enjoy the story and take notes as you're reading. The author doesn't expect you to be a professional writer--that's their job. The author loves it that you take the time to express how you felt about their story.

Read reviews on other books

What sort of reviews help you select a book to buy? Do you like quotes pulled from the book? Do you like fair warning about emotional triggers? What do others say that you can appreciate about their review style?

Hook the reader

Why did you pick up this book? Why do you think another reader should or shouldn’t? What was your takeaway? Explain what caught your attention.


Don’t write a synopsis of the book
Authors spend a lot of time on their story blurbs on the sales pages where readers can learn the premise. Focus on elements that you feel particularly strongly about or you think that your readers will want to be aware of. If you liked a character, explain why. If you didn’t like a character, make it clear why you felt that way. Did you appreciate the author’s writing style? How did the story make you feel?


Avoid spoilers
Please don't give away spoilers about secrets. Writers take special care to reveal plot points and secrets at appropriate times in a story. Reviews giving away the big moments are disappointing the the author, and readers don’t appreciate knowing what’s going to happen ahead of time. If you’ve done this in the past, please be kind and revise.


What matters is how you felt about the characters and their story
What worked or didn’t work? Was the story satisfying? Did you appreciate character development? Did the story end the way you hoped or was the conclusion better or worse than expected?

Always proofread

Did you use correct character names? Do you have typos? Did you give away a spoiler?


Where to leave reviews

There are places to leave reviews that help the author with visibility and sales. Familiarize yourself with them.

        Your blog




You love books, so have fun
Readers read reviews to make buying choices. Everyone appreciates a well thought out commentary on a book. Be creative with your remarks and write as though you’re speaking to the next reader trying to decide what to buy. You are.


Cheryl St.John is the author of over fifty novels, both historical and contemporary, print and indie published. Her stories have earned numerous RITA nominations, Romantic Times awards and are published in over a dozen languages. One thing all reviewers and readers agree on regarding Cheryl’s work is the degree of emotion and believability. Words like ‘heart-warming, emotional depth, touches your soul, tugs your heart, endearing characters and on my keeper shelf’ are commonly used to describe her work.

In describing Cheryl’s stories of second chances and redemption, readers and reviewers use words like, “emotional punch, hometown feel, core values, believable characters and real-life situations.” Amazon and Goodreads reviews show her popularity with readers.


Nashville fans will enjoy this story of a beloved country singer who returns to her roots and encounters the cowboy whose song she unknowingly stole.

Audrey Knox sacrificed to make a successful career in Nashville, but the bigger her star shines, the smaller her world has become. After an eye--opening incident on tour, she wants her daughter to experience small-town life as she knew it, so she takes a break from touring to reconnect with her roots and introduce the eight-year-old to life on Big Pines Ranch. Facing the past might be her biggest challenge yet.

Jericho Tanner has loved Audrey since they were children on adjoining ranches, their families entwined. He fills the void of intimacy, love and belonging with ranch work and his deputy position in Rockwell County, with aspirations of taking over as sheriff. Emotional vulnerability is frightening, and his walls are sturdy and tall. When Audrey and her young daughter show up in Spencer, he’s forced to see his wounds in a new light.

Sweet romance from a USAToday award-winning author


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