Sunday, January 16, 2022

My Favorite Things by Kimberly Rose Johnson


This is my second annual post about my favorite things. I've divided my favorite things into categories and they are in no particular order.

Household Cleaners- I have very sensitive skin so I'm careful about the products I use.  
Dr. Bonner's 18-In-1 Hemp Peppermint Pure-Castile Soap is my newest favorite. I dilute it and use it for hand washing as well as general cleaning. It smells super good and it is literally one of the best cleaners I've ever used. Most importantly, it doesn't bother my skin at all!
Norwex Laundry Detergent. I have a high efficiency washer and in my opinion those things don't clean well, so I need an exceptional cleaner. Norwex Laundry Detergent makes my towels feel soft and they have zero scent. I LOVE it. 

Coffee- I discovered two coffees recently that I absolute love: 
Barnie's and Silver Falls. Both are pictured below. After getting headaches constantly from various coffee brands I realized that decaf coffee can be decaffeinated in more than one way. One uses nasty chemicals and another uses a water filtration process. Silver Falls uses a water filtration process and now I no longer have a headache after drinking decaf coffee. I also can't have gluten. Barnie's coffee is gluten free and the taste is Amazing. My favorite blends are in the pictures below.

Apps- I'm a bit of a health nut as well as sweet romance movie nut. I've discovered two apps that feed my hobbies. 
Fiton: A free app you can download to your smart TV,  computer or phone. They have exercise classes that are extremely well done and are constantly updating the content. I highly recommend this app. I use it four to five days a week. LOVE it!
Frndly TV: This is a paid app, but the cost is low. It includes all the Hallmark channels, UP TV and many more family friendly channels. I had so many Christmas movies available to watch this year, I had to pick and choose. I was like a kid in a candy store.

Personal Care- As I already stated I'm a health nut, as such I seek out personal care products that are clean. 
Kopari Coconut Melt is simply coconut oil to be used as moisturizer. It's sold at places like Sephora rather than the grocery store. Sure I could save money and pick up standard coconut oil but this stuff is a luxury that for me is worth the money.

Audiobooks are my absolute favorite. I'm on the computer a lot, so reading after work is a challenge for my eyes. Enter audiobooks. I can listen while I cook dinner, clean, drive, or exercise. I even set the timer at night sometimes so I can be read to sleep. Sometimes I actually fall asleep and have to go back to see what I missed lol.
Vinyl records: I'm old enough that in the early years of my life all I had were vinyl records. I recently re-discovered them and have to wonder why I ever stopped using them, other than for convenience. I can't listen to vinyl in the car or on a walk etc...

That's my list for 2022. What are some of your favorite things?

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  1. Love your list! Some of my favorite things are Milky Way Caramels, taking walks on the beach, playing with grandchildren, writing non-fiction and fiction, and of course, reading. I love reading your stories Kimberly! :-)

    1. I love your list, Melissa! Thanks for stopping by and commenting.