Sunday, April 9, 2017

Glad to meet you.... by Christine Bush

This month, we are introducing ourselves on our blog.  Today it’s my turn.  Then it’s your turn!  I love to hear from readers and fellow writers, so I’m hoping you will check in and tell us who you are,  where you are, and why romance warms your heart.  Bring it on! Our blog is about sharing and getting to know one another, and we can’t wait to hear from you!

I’ve been writing sweet romance and romantic mysteries for a really long time. My first book came out in 1978, and over time, has been followed by 17 others. You can check out my books and learn more about me at
Why do I write romance?  I believe in happily ever afters.  I believe that love is the magic that makes life rich and meaningful.  A hopeful romantic, I guess. 

But I'm also a realist.  Life can be hard.  Our woman’s lives are full of stages, and they are often about love in many facets, beyond our ‘significant other’. That can include loving family, children, aging or ill parents, and our friends.  Plus, depending on our careers, sometimes we extend our love and care to our students, our clients,  or patients. 
 Sometimes in good times, but sometimes in tough times.
 We love.

In our busy lives, with worry and responsibility and failed expectations (as well as too much laundry), it’s easy to forget those first flushes of romantic love that began our own “happily ever after”.  I love romance novels (both reading them and writing them, and yes, I am slightly addicted to Hallmark movies, too) because they remind me of those feelings. They remind me that love is the glue.  They motivate me to keep my own heart vibrant and in love with life.
Even when life is hard.  Maybe especially when life is hard. 

I see that problems get solved, hurts heal, new love begins.  Love can win.

My books reflect that.  Outside of my writing life, I  teach Psychology at a local college.   I am also a Marriage and Family therapist, working with clients in my private practice.  I’ve seen people hit a lot of  ‘speed bumps’ in life.  Old issues, grief, self doubt. And I’ve seen the joy and healing that propels us forward.

My story “Christmas Laurel” deals with a female soldier who needs to heal from PTSD before her heart can be free to love

My story “Cindy’s Prince” deals with heroine, "Cindy", who is challenged to raise her orphaned toddler niece and nephew. Hero "Prince" is a “country club style” man who has to face the ‘real world’ to step up and win her love.

My story “Love, Julie” is about a strong minded young woman who runs away to Montana in 1890 to teach in a one room school house in a rugged new town. It takes strength to claim a new life in order to avoid a forced arranged marriage and the confining rules of society on her gender.

My new book, “Almost Anonymous” is a suspenseful woman’s story about facing fear and injustice in order to break free from danger and blossom into a new life of sweet love and self respect.


The story I am writing now is called “Christmas with the Cat Lady”, and deals with the paralyzing emotion of grief.

Romance stories have always reinforced my belief that love can conquer all, helping me through the tough times, and onto my own “happily ever afters.”  
How about you? I’d love to hear from you, either here, or by email at We romance  readers and writers have to stick together!

Best, Christine