Friday, December 2, 2016

Ding Dong Santa is Here! by Melinda Curtis

It used to be that I'd rise at 3 or 4 in the morning on Black Friday and shop. There were always great deals and I could (usually) get back to the house in time to make breakfast for the family.

There were downsides, of course. I once won a $500 early shopper prize and proceeded to spend that and $200 more (what was I thinking?). And there was the time I bought a shop vac for $20. I had no idea what a shop vac was, but I didn't have one and it was $20! We all get caught up in the moment, don't we?

But now stores and online retailers have great deals online AND you can sleep in. This holiday season I have yet to set foot in a store.

I have, however, walked many steps. Steps to answer the door when the UPS or USPS make a delivery. And the guest bedroom is full of packages.

Have you changed your holiday shopping habits as the world changes?

Melinda Curtis is an award-winning USA Today bestselling author. Her latest release You May Now Kiss the Bridesmaid is a sweet romantic comedy in her Bridesmaids series. If you haven't signed up for the Sweet Romance Reads newsletter, you can do so by checking out the sidebar.


  1. I've never liked shopping, so I quickly adapted to online shopping.

  2. Shopping online is so convenient when the gifts you want to buy aren't in any stores nearby. You don't have to find a different gift when they can just ship it to you from across the country or from a store in the next county.

  3. Shopping online is the only way I shop. I love the convenience!