Monday, November 16, 2015

Ways to add some romance to your life this winter season by Shaleen Kapil

            I don’t know about you, but I think of winter as the un-sexy time of year. With multiple layers of clothes, I feel like a marshmallow man rather than a pretty woman.  So, here are some ways to add romance to your life this winter (with or without your sweetie):

1.     Cuddle Up
It is that time of year to sit before a fire, with your favorite hot drink (spiked or not), and talk. Turn off the TV and listen to some music. Reminisce or plan and dream. (I will be dreaming of buying a little beach house.)
2.     Talk a Long Hot Bath
Cozy up by yourself in the tub with some suds. Read your latest Holiday Romance or dim the lights and light some candles. Plus, that heat will keep your body temp up for a while.
3.     Go Ice-Skating with Your Honey
Or if your honey is like mine and can’t balance with anything on his feet, bundle up for a winter walk. Hold hands and have some fun. Let being active together bring you closer together. You can treat yourselves to some hot chocolate when you get back to warm up.
4.     Romance Movie Night
Pick your favorite romantic holidays movies (White Christmas, Holiday Inn, are Christmas in Connecticut mine) and indulge. Or pick your favorite leading man and watch several of his films.
5.     Plan a Romantic Trip
A cabin in the mountains, a trip to a warm island, or visiting the city lit up for Christmas. The planning could be half the fun!
6.     Open a Bottle of Bubbly
Just because. You are allowed without an occasion!
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  1. These sound like great suggestions. I would have to add something to the top of the list, though. 1. Get a honey. -)

  2. What cute suggestions. I might skip skating and go walking, but I suck at skating, so...